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Delayed Ejaculation Disorder: Causes and Treatment

The problem of delayed ejaculation in men is one of the problems based on psychological or physiological factors that negatively affect the quality of sexual intercourse. In order for men to have an effective and high-quality sexual experience and to give their partners the same pleasure, they need to adjust the ejaculation time well. A relationship that lasts longer than normal conditions and standards can cause problems for both the man and his partner. In our article, you can find all the details you wonder about the problem of delayed ejaculation in men, which is shown among the annoying problems.

Late Ejaculation Problem in Men

Late ejaculation problem in men, as the name suggests, causes men to complain that they cannot orgasm for longer than normal during sexual intercourse. Delayed ejaculation basically means that it takes much longer than normal for a man to ejaculate despite being sexually aroused. In men who suffer from this problem, it causes very serious psychological problems and even problems such as avoiding sexual intercourse and sexual reluctance. If not treated on time, the problem of delayed ejaculation in men can be one of the biggest obstacles to a quality sexual life.

Causes of Late Ejaculation in Men

The causes of delayed ejaculation in men are usually based on psychological reasons. Delayed ejaculation is when a man does not ejaculate for a long time compared to normal sexual intercourse. Some men do not ejaculate at all, and in others, the quality of sexual intercourse may decrease because this period is too long. Some of the factors that cause delayed ejaculation in men are:

• The problem of delayed ejaculation in men is usually related to strict religious upbringing.
• Men who have been brought up with strict moral rules may experience delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation problem during sexual intercourse.
• Considering sex as bad, shameful and sinful leads to delayed ejaculation.
• Childhood sexual traumas
• Lack of sexual knowledge
• Lack of sexual experience
• The person’s performance anxiety
• Masturbating too often
• Not being ready for sexual intercourse

As can be seen, the causes of delayed ejaculation, which negatively affects the quality of sexual intercourse in men, are usually based on psychological problems. If the discharge does not occur at all, it is possible to talk about a physical, that is, an organic problem. It is not as difficult as it is thought to treat the problem of delayed ejaculation in men and to make the sexual life quality and enjoyable by providing re-ejaculation.

Treatment of Late Ejaculation in Men

Sex therapy is usually used for the treatment of delayed ejaculation in men. In sexual therapy, firstly, it is about eliminating false information about sexuality in men. For example, the thought of ejaculating simultaneously with a partner can negatively affect sexual life in men. However, if there are wrong, incomplete or exaggerated thoughts about the quality of sexuality, it is ensured that the man gets rid of these thoughts first. At the same time, the fact that the partner ejaculates at the same time during sexual intercourse does not mean that the sexual compatibility between them is very good. For this reason, the problem of late ejaculation in sexuality can be overcome by reducing the pressure and anxiety on the man psychologically. When sexual therapy is performed for the psychological reasons that cause delayed ejaculation in men, this problem will disappear by itself.

Late Ejaculation Sex Therapy for Men

Some important applications are made during late ejaculation therapy in men. In order to understand that sexual intercourse is not a duty between couples, but a matter of pleasure and pleasure, the following points should be considered:

• The pleasure and stimulation in foreplay is increased.
• The focus is not on ejaculation control, but on the pleasure in sexual intercourse.
• During sexual intercourse, the body should be free from stress.
• Masturbation or sickle sex experience before sexual intercourse may be recommended.

Overcoming the problem of delayed ejaculation in men with such sexual therapies is not as difficult as it seems. A quality sexual life can be established by eliminating psychological problems in men.


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