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Gum Disease and Male Erectile Dysfunction

Those whose spouses are impotent lead an unhappy life because such problems are considered shameful. Erectile dysfunction, which is common today, is among the most common problems in sexual life. According to new research, many factors, from gum disease to stress, can cause this problem in men. By seeing a specialist urologist, it is possible to determine the factor that causes the erection problem and to have a healthy sexual life by treating it.

Gum problems cause many different ailments. Adding a new one among these ailments, it is stated that men who do not brush their teeth at least twice a day may experience erectile dysfunction. As a result of research on more than 213,000 people on gum and hardening problems, it was seen that the problem of erectile dysfunction is two and a half times more.

Do Gum Diseases Affect Sexual Health?

Many factors can be counted among the factors affecting men’s health. Erectile dysfunction, which is the most common sexual problem, is a common sexual health problem in men. As a result of various studies on the subject, it was determined that men with gum disease had 2.85 times more erectile dysfunction. In this respect, it is stated that gingival problems also have important effects on hardening problems.

The noteworthy detail in the cause of gingival diseases to erection problems is that the disease is thought to occur due to the decrease in testosterone levels in men and the increase in inflammation. Identifying the underlying factors is vital for the treatment of male sexual diseases. Among these reasons, there will be many different effects from gum disease to excess weight, so the correct method and diagnosis must be made after deep triggers by a specialist physician.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are numerous reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. Among the researches carried out by experts on the subject, new ones continue to be added every day. After it was determined that gum problems also cause erection problems in men, it is seen that the methods to be applied for the treatment of erection problems have also expanded. After determining that there is a connection between gingival and erectile dysfunction, it is thought that many unknown factors affect male sexual health negatively. The main factors that cause erectile dysfunction in men are:

• Diabetes
• Lower Urinary System Diseases
• Gum Problems
• Hormone and Nervous System Disorders
• Vascular Disorders

In order to solve these problems, which reduce the quality of life of men and directly affect their spouses due to sexual inadequacy, a correct diagnosis should be made. Tests to be performed by a specialist physician have great importance in order to make the correct diagnosis.

What is the Solution for Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

In order to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in men, the patient’s history, daily life and diagnosis of the underlying causes are of great importance. The methods to be preferred for treatment should be aimed directly at the source of the problem. Apart from oral treatment methods, surgical or physical treatment options can also be applied. After diagnosis and treatment, it is seen that these ailments in men are largely eliminated. The main methods used to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in men:

• Drug Treatments
• Intracavernosal Injections
• Corporal Shock Treatment
• Prostheses and Surgical Treatments etc.

The treatments to be preferred are likely to start using simple methods first. For those who do not respond to oral treatments, different drug treatments and advanced shock wave and surgical interventions can be performed at the next stage. In problems that develop due to problems such as gingival and hardening problems, it will be necessary to focus on the treatment of the condition that prevents hardening.


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