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Is It Possible To Enlarge Penis Naturally?

Penis enlargement with natural methods is among the topics that men research. There are some statements in the researches made on the internet that the length of the penis can be extended by applying natural methods. It is wondered whether it is possible to enlarge the penis in natural ways, especially by doing penis pulling and squeezing exercises. Although there are such applications and methods, there is no definite information that they are a reliable and effective method. There are some points to be considered in order to extend the penis length by applying natural methods.

How To Increase Penis Length Naturally?

The most common ways to increase penis length with natural methods are manual exercises. Although it is not the most effective and reliable penis enlargement method, many people state that they get visible results by doing these exercises. Pulling and squeezing exercises are done to naturally lengthen the penis. However, there is a risk of damaging the tissue of the penis when applying them. Damage to the penis tissue may invite problems such as not getting pleasure during sexual intercourse. Therefore, men who want to practice pulling and tightening exercises to enlarge the penis naturally at home should be extremely careful. Today, the most reliable and guaranteed solution to extend the penis length is penis enlargement surgery. This surgery is performed by taking the fat collected on the penis or by injecting the fat taken from the body into the penis.

How Long Should a Normal Penis Length Be?

The ideal penis size is one of the topics that women, as well as men, research from time to time. According to the researches, it is not possible to make a definite claim about the size of the penis. However, in our country, the length of the penis has not been erected, that is, it has been found to be 5-6 cm on average. In the researches, the penis length of men in Turkey is at the level of 13 – 14 cm when erect, that is, when erected. In addition, the erection level of penises with a size of 12 cm and above is considered medically normal for an ideal sexual intercourse.

How To Measure Penis Size?

For penis size measurement, it is absolutely necessary to have an erection. Since sexual intercourse is done with an erect penis, it is extremely important for men to take this criterion into account when measuring. What needs to be done in practice is the use of rulers or meters. The length of the penis is reached by measuring the part from the exit point of the penis in the abdomen to the head of the penis. It is also recommended to use a meter to measure the thickness of the penis. The measurement can be made with a meter by wrapping the penis around the exit point in the groin.

How Should Penis Length Be According to Age?

The change in penis size according to age starts from infancy and reaches its final point in adolescence. While the average penis length of babies is measured at 2.5 cm, there is a growth of up to 5 centimeters by the age of 10. During puberty, the growth of the penis gains speed. From this period until the age of 20, the penis can grow naturally. After the age of 20, the length of the penis in an erect state is on average 13-14 centimeters.

What are Natural Methods for Penis Enlargement?

There are various methods preferred in practice to enlarge the penis naturally. By using herbs such as ginseng or with pills containing some natural ingredients, a limited growth can occur in the penis. However, it should not be forgotten that these methods are universal and threaten health. Among the natural applications are methods such as pulling and stretching the penis. However, damaging the penile tissue during penis enlargement by natural means can create a problem of not getting pleasure during sexual intercourse.


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