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The Happiness Stick, also known as penile prosthesis, is a treatment method for men with erectile dysfunction. In the penile prosthesis procedure, penile implants are surgically placed in the penis.

What is the Happiness Stick?

The penile prosthesis, known as the happiness stick among the people, is a permanent treatment method if non-surgical methods cannot be benefited. Impotence is a very common problem among men. On average, 1 out of 3 men experience this problem. For this reason, men need a permanent treatment method.

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What are the Penile Prosthesis Types?

Penile prostheses are divided into 3 types in terms of structure: one-piece, two-piece and three-piece penile prosthesis. We can explain them as follows.

One Piece Happiness Stick

This prosthesis, which has a semi-rigid cylindrical shape, is surgically placed on both sides of the penis. The prosthesis, which is very easy to use, is also less likely to damaged mechanically.

Two Piece Penile Prosthesis

The first part is the same as in the one-piece penile prosthesis. The second part is the pump part placed next to the testis. With this pump, water goes to the tank placed in the penis. In this way, erection is achieved in the penis. In this way, the penis is hardened manually. With this system, when men press the penis head, water is drawn and the penis deflates. The biggest disadvantage in this procedure is that the penis always remains in a semi-rigid state.

Three Piece Penile Prosthesis

The happiest sticks that come closest to a real erection are three-piece penile prostheses. 3 pieces of this type; consists of tank, cylinders and pump. Besides the pump placed next to the egg, the cylinders are also placed inside the penis. When you press the pump, the water in the tank passes into the penis and remains hard for the desired time. Then, when the area above the pump is pressed, the water returns to the tank. This process provides the most realistic erection.

Surgery Process and After

Penile prosthesis surgery takes an average of 1 hour. After the operation, the patient is discharged after 1 day of hospitalization. After a recheck after 6 weeks, use is allowed if the patient’s condition is stable. The post-operative satisfaction rate is also quite high.

What are Penile Prosthesis Prices?

There is no clear price list for this transaction. First of all, the condition of the patient should be examined. After it is confirmed that the patient is compatible with the treatment, the price is determined according to the procedure to be performed. For detailed information and to make an appointment, you can call us, fill out the form, or contact us via whatsapp. Our expert health consultants will assist you.


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