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The material applied in the P-shot is prepared in the laboratory environment from the blood taken from the patient. The prepared liquid is injected into certain points on the penis. Since local anesthetic creams are used before the application, the rate of pain is very low. After the procedure, the patient does not feel pain. The injected liquid is about 4-6 ml. The process takes about 45 minutes. If P-Shot is applied for the first time, 3 sessions are applied every other day. A single session can be done in the following 6-month periods. After 3 weeks, the patient begins to notice changes. The main effect of the procedure occurs between 3 and 6 months. Does not require hospitalization.

For this treatment, fat is taken from the appropriate area of ​​the patient (usually from the navel). Cells are obtained from the fat taken in the laboratory environment and 4-6 ml of liquid is injected into the penis. If this process is repeated a year later, this rate can be increased even more. It has no known side effects and does not require hospitalization.

As the name suggests, minimal shock waves are sent inward through the penis. With the shock waves sent, the tissues in the penis begin to regenerate. This process can be done 6 or 12 times in sessions, depending on the patient’s condition. The procedure is painless. Does not require hospitalization. It can be repeated every 6 months.

It is applied to patients who cannot get results from alternative treatment methods and who cannot achieve the required degree of stiffness or no stiffness. The prosthesis is surgically placed on the penis. Since the inserted system consists of a reservoir (water bag), Digesters and a control, it is called “Three-piece penile prosthesis”. The water bag is placed in the abdomen under the navel, in the cylindrical penis, and in the ovaries in the operation. The operation takes about an hour and a half, the patient is hospitalized for a day. After one or one and a half months, the patient can have intercourse with the implanted prosthesis and use the prosthesis for many years.

A kind of medicinal acid is injected into the head of the penis to prevent premature ejaculation. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the excessive sensation in the glans penis. Thus, the discharge time is extended. Since local anesthetics are applied, the feeling of pain is very low during the procedure. 3 days after the procedure, the person can have intercourse. Although it differs from person to person, the effect of the procedure is permanent for about 6 months.

It is a non-surgical method used to thicken the penis. A kind of acid injection is made under the skin, which is also frequently used in aesthetics. Since anesthetic ingredients are used, the pain rate is very low. Although it differs from person to person, it is an application that generally lasts for one or one and a half years. 3 days after the procedure, the person can have intercourse.

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